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Card Security

Information security

- Always secure the card and keep the card information confidential. VRB and the International Card Organization never ask you to provide confidential information such as: password, card PIN, CVV number (3 numbers italicized on the back of the card), expiration date and OTP code under any form.
- PIN protection: remember your PIN instead of writing it down. Do not lend the card and do not disclose card information, PIN and OTP to others. Avoid using your ID number or date of birth as your PIN number; To ensure safety, it is recommended to change the PIN periodically at VRB's ATMs; If you suspect your PIN has been exposed, you should change your PIN immediately.

Immediately notify VRB

- Immediately notify VRB when you change your phone number, email, address to receive statements, identification documents (ID card / Passport ...)
- Save the hotline number of VRB 1800-6656 for use when needed.
- Immediately call VRB's Hotline to request an emergency card lock in case: lost card, suspect card information is leaked, revealed PIN code, ... or suspect card/account arising transaction not by the cardholder.

Use Card Safely

Use card safely at an automatic teller machine (ATM)

- It is recommended to check ATM machines before making transactions to promptly detect abnormal devices on ATMs.
- Always cover the keyboard area with your hand when entering a PIN.
- Do not perform the transaction and immediately contact VRB to block the card if it is suspected that the card has been exposed or that VRB's ATM is equipped with a device to steal card information or when the card is swallowed.
- Register and use SMS banking service to receive notifications of account balance fluctuations and automatic card transaction notifications. You can actively manage, reconcile, regularly check your account balance, card transactions and statements to make sure the transaction information is correct.
- In case of withdrawing money at ATM but unsuccessful, please wait for the ATM screen to return to the initial waiting state before leaving the ATM. If the account is deducted and not automatically refunded to the account, please query the balance or contact VRB's Hotline for support.
- Receive the card and money as soon as the ATM gives it.
- Some ATMs pay before you return the card, make sure you get your card back before you leave.

Use card safely to transact through merchants (POS)

- Always keep the card under control and carefully observe the actions of the payment staff when transacting at public places, especially restaurants, supermarkets, etc.
- Always cover the keyboard when entering a PIN (some cards require a PIN when making purchases instead of signing on receipts).
- Double check the amount and information on the invoice before signing. Keep transaction invoices for a certain period of time to check and compare information when necessary or in monthly transaction statements. Cancel the bill (tear it up) before throwing it away.
- Request to cancel the transaction just made if you feel doubtful and uncertain. If necessary, call VRB's Hotline to confirm that the transaction has been canceled.

Use card safely to transact over the Internet

Safely use 3D Secure passwords when transacting over the Internet

Your Internet payment transactions will be secured with 3D Secure Verified by Visa online service. Accordingly, the system will send a one-time password (OTP) to the customer's pre-registered phone number  to perform the transaction. You can use this service easily and completely free of charge. For more information, please contact VRB's Hotline or VRB's website or the nearest Branch/Transaction Office.
- Step 1: Select goods and services on the website and choose the payment method is Visa card
- Step 2: Enter card information
- Step 3: Select the form to receive OTP password and enter the OTP password, press "Confirm" or "Submit" to finish the transaction.

Recognize and process when ATM cards information was stolen

Identifying devices that steal card information at ATMs

Devices that steal card information at ATMs are devices that criminals use to save card data and record cardholders' actions when entering PINs at ATM. Devices to steal card information at ATMs are widely used by criminals in Vietnam, often stealing data on the magnetic stripe at the back of the card.

Areas commonly installed with card information theft devices include but are not limited to

  • Card reader slot.
  • The area above the keypad or directly above the ATM screen or inside the device that covers the ATM keypad.

Be alert if you notice any of the following signs

  • The PIN input keyboard is abnormally raised, when entering the PIN, it feels like there is a space below.
  • In areas where card information theft devices are often mounted, there are suspicious signs such as traces of double-sided tape/glue around the card reader, or small holes in areas where the keyboard can be seen such as the top of the ATM device, beside the ATM screen. The camera stealing PIN can also be hidden in a nearby receipt box.

Process when detecting a device that steals card information at an ATM

If you find or suspect that VRB's ATM has signs of being fitted with a device to steal card information, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Keep the scene and do:
  • Take the initiative to call VRB's Hotline to perform an emergency card lock if you have inserted your card into the card reader slot or have just completed a transaction at that ATM.
  • Notify VRB about strange signs or equipment, installation location on VRB ATM that you detect or suspect.
        2. VRB will coordinate with competent State agencies for further process if it is determined that VRB's ATMs are fitted with information-stealing devices.

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