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Competitive & high interest rate in Vietnam market

Variety of deposit terms for customers to choose

Monthly, quartly, semi-annual interest payment

Product detail




2,3,6,9,12,13,15,18,24,36 months



Payment interest method

Periodic interest payment (monthly, quartly, semi-annual, annual)

Interest rate

Interest rate is fixed in the life of deposit


To allow fully withdraw before maturity, not allowed partially withdraw before maturity

Required documents

Valid Identity card or Passport

Deposit application form (form of VRB)


1. If I settle before maturity, do I have to pay back my interest

You will only be entitled to a non-term interest rate for all withdrawals before maturity. Thus, the Teller will calculate the amount of interest you actually receive and the amount of interest you have received, then redeem the amount of interest paid to you on the original deposit.

2. If I deposit for 12 months, register to receive interest monthly, so how do I get interest?

When opening a deposit account, you will register your deposit account opened at VRB to pay monthly interest. The system will automatically calculate the interest and automatically transfer the interest to your registered payment account.
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