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Car loan

Car loan

This product supports finance individual customers to buy car for demands of commuting or doing business
Housing loan

House loan

VRB always supports customers to own their dream house

Unsecured Overdraft

Offsetting the urgent requirement cash and/or capital lack temporary to satisfy the demands of individual customers with quick, simple and secure procedures
Loan by mortgaging valued papers

Value paper mortgage loan

This product is for individual clients needing capital in line with the law, and ensuring that 100% loan value is guaranteed by pledging valuable papers, deposit
Loan for finance proving

Loan for finance proving

This product is for individual customers to prove finance for completing Visa dossiers of study/medical treatment/relative visiting abroad by opening term deposit account at VRB
Loan for studying abroad

Overseas study loan

This product is aimed financing students’ overseas study or their education in Vietnam in foreign owned universities with best service quality
Loan for Vietnamese expatriates

Loan for Vietnamese expatriates

To meet the demand for Vietnamese individuals who need money to cover for expenses while working abroad according to the contract
Consumer loan pledged by real estate

Consumer loans mortgaged by real estate

This product is aimed for the purpose of living, personal and family life.
Loan for VRB’s staff

Loan for VRB’s staff

This product is aimed for customers being staff in order to develop the family economy and/or meet the living demands of the staff.
Discount valuable papers for individual customers

Discount valuable papers for individual customers

VRB purchases for terms or purchases with reservation for the recourse of valuable papers of the beneficiary before maturity.
Loans for business purpose

Business loan

Concerning about lack of capital effective business plans will no longer exist when VRB always accompanies customers.
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