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The more actual average deposit balance customers maintain, the higher interest rates they can enjoy

Actively & easily manage amount of deposit, customers' benefits are always guaranteed

Customers can use the deposit account to get a mortgage loan or guarantee with the bank

Product detail




12, 13 months

Target customer


Interest payment method

At maturity and monthly

Interest rate

Interest rate is fixed for the duration of deposit


Allow fully withdraw before maturity. Partial withdrawn is not allowed. Upon withdraw before maturity deposit shall be born demand rate at the time of withdrawal under withdrew amount.

Required documents

Valid Identity card or Passport

Deposit application form (form of VRB)


1. Which interest rate does customer receives if you deposit an amount of VND?

You receive interest rate equivalent rate of tenor 12 or 13 months plus 0.1%p.a

2. Is withdrawn before maturity allowed?

To meet demands of customers this deposit product is allowed fully withdraw, not partially.
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