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Policy Regime

* Financial treatment regime:

The policies for VRB's official staff consist of:

- Salary and allowances:

+ In addition to the basic salary received depending on the title and position of work under the system of salary scale, VRB employees are also entitled to receive task performance salary, business salary depending on business & work performance results of the units & individual monthly, quarterly.

+ Allowance: allowances of cosmestic (for female staff), Lunch, Travel, Telephone, Toxic allowance.

- Welfare regime:

+ Holidays, New Year: VRB presents gifts or cash to employees on holidays, New Year days such as Lunar New Year, New Year, National Day, International Labor Day, International Women's Day, Vietnamese Women's Day, Bank establishment date, employee's birthday, Mid-Autumn Festival / International Children's Day (for children of staff) etc.

+ Uniform: Every year, VRB staff will get the working uniform.

+ Regime for innovation, scientific research and technological innovation: VRB especially encourages staffs to innovate and have new ideas in their work as well as technology, scientific research, etc and also get the attractive rewards.

* Non-financial policies:

VRB grants the following non-financial benefits to VRB's staff:

+ Annual leave and holiday:

Annual leave days: 12 days/year. Employees are entitled to get one more annual leave day after every 5 years working at VRB.

Holidays, New Year: in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law.

+ Get social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance according to the law based on salary

+ Receive health check-up and BIC Care package

+ Enjoy annual holiday program, participating in Team Building activities...

+ Participate in VRB social, community activities.
+ Join the union activities of Trade Union, Youth Union at VRB

* Promotion opportunities

VRB is a dynamic working environment, many opportunities for promotion, where young people are able to express and promote their own capacity.

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