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Discount for VRB Visa Cardholders: 92% off Express Clean at PPP Clinic

08:56 | 27/07/2018

With the desire to accompany customers owning a healthy and bright skin, VRB has partnered with PPP Skin Care & Treatment Center to offer customers a comprehensive skin care program that is extremely attractive.

Accordingly, from now until 31/12/2018, customers who are VRB Visa cardholders will receive a 92% discount on Express Clean Skin at the PPP Laser Clinic nationwide.

With the combination of the best treatments and skin care, Express Clean helps customers to deal effectively with acnes, pigmentation, pimples and skin aging problems, bringing smooth, youthful, natural pink skin beyond expectation.

Through 3 simple steps to get promotion:

  • Step 1: Contact hotline 0967 070 070 - 0962 070 070 to register the promotion.
(Or register directly at the following link: http://expressclean.ppp.com.vn/vrb)
  • Step 2: Receive promotion codes via SMS
  • Step 3: Bring promotion codes, ID and VRB VISA to the nearest PPP Branch to use the service.


  • Customers pay by Visa VRB card
  • Each customer can only purchase one service
  • The program does not apply to customers who have used or contracted the services at PPP.
  • Promotion time: from 16/04/2018 to 31/12/2018.


For more information, please contact VRB's Branches/Transaction Offices or Hotline (free): 1800 6656

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