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VRB ready to satisfy the your need of transferring money internationally with legit purposes


Can convert VND into other foreign currencies

Secure, fast, convenient

Targeted customers

Vietnameses: Transfer purposes: studying, medical expense, travelling, business, visit, family grant, family sponsorship, inheritance transferi, remittance in case of abroad settelement, expense payment...

Foreigners or Vietnamese living abroad for over 12 months: having foreign currency or legal foreign currency income allowed to transfer or bring overseas; in case clients haveilegal VND income, they can buy foreign currency to transfer overseas




Type of charge


Schedule of charge

(excluded VAT)


If charge inside Vietnam is borne by the remitter (SHA)/ beneficiary (BEN)

0,15-0.2%/value, Min 5 USD + cable cost



If all charges is borne by the remitter (OUR)


- For payment order in USD, EUR, RUB

As per SHA fee + 25 USD/25 EUR/500 RUB

- For payment order in other currencies except USD, EUR, RUB

As per SHA fee + 30 USD



As per SHA fee + 30 USD


Investigation, amendment, cancellation of payment order as per remitter’s request

5 USD + cable cost + foreign bank charge (if any), Min 10 USD


Cable cost


- Remittance

5-50 USD

- Others

5-50 USD

                                                                 * The above tariff is a reference and subject to change without VRB’s prior notice unless otherwise agreed


Senders provide VRB all the required documents as follows:
+ Document showing money transfer purpose
+ Valid ID/Passport
+ Documents showing family relationship (if clients transfer money to overseas relatives living abroad)
+ Beneficiary Bank name, Swift code
+ Beneficiary Name, Contact number, address
+ Account number

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