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Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture Bank (VRB) launched a DIRECT INTEREST DISCOUNT program for customers who successfully recommend friends and family. The more the merrier! Specific information is as follows:

1.    Subjects and preferential policies applied:
Direct interest rate discount program when referring friends successfully
Applicable Subject Existing retail credit customers with outstanding retail debt balance at VRB.
Applicable Policy Customers are entitled to reduce direct interest rates for maintained loans when successfully introducing other individual customers with short-term loans at VRB, the reduction depends on the outstanding balance / limit of new customers. up to 0.5% / year
Terms & Conditions - Customers have outstanding retail balance (excluding credit card balance) at VRB at the time of the program
- Not applicable to customers who have enjoyed the brokerage / collaborator commission mechanism for successfully introduced loans.
- For short-term loans introduced:
+ Excluding mortgages / discounts on balance sheet / deposit balance, short-term real estate trading and credit cards

2.    Time of application: 
Promotion Period: From now until 31/12/2020

3.    Other Retail Credit Products at VRB:
House loan Car loan Loans with real estate mortgaged
Business loan Unsecured Overdraft Value paper mortgage loan
Overseas study loan Staff loan Loan for expatriates

For detail information, please contact VRB Branch / Transaction Office (contact information at: https://vrbank.com.vn/vi/chi-nhanh-vrb/
Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture Bank is pleased to serve you!
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