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Recently, on the mass media, there has been information about new frauds targeting customers' loopholes in online transactions at the close of Lunar New Year. Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture Bank (VRB) would like to warn Customers about fraud via fake messages and websites to steal money in the account / card and recommend the following protection measures:

1 / Forms of fraud via fake messages and websites:
Criminals use high technology method, by sending a text message to the customer's phone number, displaying the Bank's brandname on the message with the content of a warning message to detect suspicious transactions abroad and request owners to log in using the available link to cancel the transaction if the transaction is not done by them; The fake link is usually similar to the Bank's link but is pre-inserted with some characters such as "i -"; "e -"; etc (for example: i-banking.vrbank.com.vn or e- banking.vrb.com.vn;…).

With this trick, criminals can obtain a customer user, password and transaction authentication code to perform money transfer from a customer's account via internet banking or mobile banking services. In fact, there have been some customers of some banks in Vietnam entering information according to fake messages, resulting in loss of money in their accounts.

2 / Security measures:
Although we have not recognized any cases of fraud in a new form at VRB, we would like to recommend that you follow the information security principles as follows:
You should visit VRB's official website at www.vrbank.com.vn and select Internet Banking (Individual & Corporate) to log into your account Do not provide security information for Internet banking services. (including: access code, access password, transaction authentication code, PIN Soft token) for anyone, including the "Bank", "Ministry of Public Security", "Procuracy" ... and through any form, such as: phone, email, social network, application, website, strange link,….
Only use your personal computer / electronic device to minimize the possibility of information theft when accessing and using VRB Internet Banking / Mobile Banking Do not click on suspicious messages containing contents related to VRB's products and services, especially messages not from VRB
Should change the password to access VRB Internet Banking, Mobile Banking immediately after clicking on suspicious links or accidentally answered information to strangers calling Do not visit questionable websites or links (website is malicious, sensitive, looks suspicious)
Check information carefully before the transaction (receiver information, account number, beneficiary name, beneficiary bank, transaction amount) Do not transfer money, top up the specified phone number to do the procedure receive reward
Change password regularly (at least every 03 months) to ensure account security Do not use a password containing personal information that others easily guess such as date of birth, date of birth, etc. phone number, license plate number, personal name, name of a relative like husband / wife / child, simple continuous sequence like 1234567 ...

When there is any question related to transaction fraud, customers should immediately contact the authorities and notify VRB at the hotline number 24/7 - 1800 6656 or go to the nearest VRB branch and transaction office for timely support.

We hope that the above information will help customers to use card / e-banking services properly, ensuring the principles of safety, security and peace of mind to enjoy services of the bank.

VRB would like to thank customers for always trusting and accompanying the Bank during this whole time!
Respectfully announces! 
Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture Bank (VRB)
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