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The two presidents of Vietnam and the Russian Federation affirmed the position of the Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture Bank in the cooperation relationship between the two countries.

In the official visit to the Russian Federation on the afternoon of November 30, during the talks between President of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, two leaders issued a joint statement which outlines the vision on the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries until 2030.
(President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin had talks on November 30 in Moscow, Russia)
On the basis of long-standing traditional friendship and mutual beneficial cooperation, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin discussed and agreed on many important directions and measures to open a new phase in the relationship between the two countries to strengthening the cooperation in many fields such as military, economy, education, security...

Especially, when discussing the matter of expanding the financial - credit cooperation, two presidents mentioned the importance of the Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture Bank in the role of bridge of promoting economic, trade and investment cooperation relations between Vietnam and the Russian Federation.

Over the past 15 years, Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture Bank (VRB) has continuously made efforts to fulfill its sacred mission of becoming a trade connection between the two countries.

Determining the inherent strengths, the bank focused on developing 07 domestic and international payment systems to connect payment activities of import and export enterprises, remittances from individuals between two countries, making an important contribution to facilitating financial transactions through direct investment (capital contribution to enterprises of the both countries) or indirect investment (through activities in the interbank or bilateral financial market). Russian businesses are also enthusiastically supported by VRB in finding and connecting trade in Vietnam through the provision of capital sources, entrustment, guarantee, payment services...

Thanks to the launch of the Vietnam - Russia bilateral payment service, the import and export payment activities of enterprises of the two countries have been opened up.

VRB also cooperates with Napas and NSPK to provide payment service for the national card of the Russian Federation - MIR in Vietnam. This agreement has helped VRB increasingly diversify products, improve service quality, and better meet customers' demands.

Along with the development of Vietnam and the growth of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and the Russian Federation, VRB will always promote its mission of the financial bridge for the two countries, support and provide payment and financial services for intergovernmental cooperation projects, business communities and individual customers who have bilateral trade & investment activities between Vietnam and Russia with quality and convenience when VRB plays a leading role in the bilateral payment of VND/RUB.

To celebrate the 15th birthday, Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture Bank (VRB) officially launches the most special series of promotions in 2021 with many valuable gifts and attractive incentives.

For individual customers:
1. Credit program: Get a loan from VRB – enjoy your conveniences of life:
Immediately reduce interest rate by 1.5%/year within 03 months from the date of disbursement when signing a new credit contract and disbursing during the program's application period from 01/10/2021 to end of 31/12/2021.
2. Deposit Promotion: Peaceful savings to get higher profit:
Special interest rate up to 7.2%/year. The prize value is equivalent to the interest rate plus 0.2%/year. In addition, customers also receive a variety of attractive gifts at the time of saving.
3. Combo Mighty Account: Triple promotion when registering to open a new payment account:
Series of Free: Easy to remember bank account, issuance fee for all card classes of ATM card and VISA international card, annual fee for ATM card and Internet Banking / Mobile Banking service, internal transfer fee and VRB system and fast money transfer NAPAS 247.
4. Card Promotion: Open An International Debit Card, Take The World Home:
Receive 01 stylish leather handbag worth 1 million VND when issuing a new VISA DEBIT Card at VRB and having valid payment transactions totaling from 500,000 VND within 30 days from the date of card activation.

For enterprise customers:
1. Credit Program for Legal Customers operating in essential fields:
Maximum reduction of 1.2%/year loan interest rate in the first year, reduction of up to 5% collateral ratio compared to current regulations. Enjoy a variety of fee incentives: Free of all domestic money transfer fees, e-banking service fees, up to 30% reduction in guarantee issuance fee, free payment fee when transferring international money and transaction fees for collection and L/C.
2. Credit program for small and micro enterprises:
Attractive interest rates, many incentives: up to 1.15%/year reduction in interest rates for loans over 3 months, up to 1%/year for loans under 3 months. Maximum loan amount is up to 10 billion VND (or 450,000 USD)/customer. Flexible loan term.

Details of promotional offers at: https://vrbank.com.vn/ https://vrbank.com.vn/en/economic-financial-news/special-offers-to-celebrate-the-15th-birthday-of-vrb.html

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